Crossing the three glaciers in Iceland – 40 years anniversary tour


In the year 1976, almost 40 years ago, six members from the Air ground rescue team  in Reykjavik went on a journey that had never been done before. The team cross country skied across Iceland in one stretch in hard winter conditions. When they were asked why, they simply replied ,, If we are not able to save ourselves in the mountains we can not save others“. The journey begun in east part of  Iceland and finished  three weeks  later in the west, when participants had skied 400 km across the highland of Iceland. The journey was a big expedition without any support, global communications or navigation systems.

Now in the winter of 2016 a team of four mountaineers is going to repeat the journey on the 40 year anniversary to honor the achievements of these men who were pioneers in winter mountaineering in Iceland. The team includes the sons of the men who crossed Iceland in 1976.

You can follow us here and on the facebook page Yfir jöklana þrjá.

For more informastion please contact

Hallgrimur Arngrimsson

Expedition leader




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